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Commercial Mediation Training Mediator, how do you choose the right one?

There are several issues to consider when choosing a mediator, at Effective Dispute Solutions Limited we have devised a quick guide below with the key main issues for you to consider when choosing your mediator.

Experience, accreditations, qualifications, specialist knowledge, success rate, testimonials, mediation cost, and availability.

Mediators experience, consider how long have they been mediating, what have they mediated, their CV should detail all of this, equally when conversing with them do they understand what your dispute is about? Do you need a mediator who is newly qualified; do you need a mediator who has been mediating for years? When choosing a mediator they should have an appropriate level of experience, not necessarily in the dispute sector which your dispute falls under, however to have at least mediated ten plus disputes, who fully understands what your dispute is about and what is required to help you resolve it.

Mediation accreditations, who is this mediator accredited through is it a recognised provider with a rigorous training program? There are several mediation training bodies in the UK mediation market, however the leading mediation training providers are considered to be Effective Dispute Solutions, CEDR, ADR Group, Academy of Experts, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, ADR Chambers, Clerksroom, amongst others.

Qualifications and specialist knowledge, several people argue if you have dispute of a particular nature for example a property dispute you need a mediator with a background and qualification in property. Although this may be advantageous it is not essential a good mediator can mediate any type of dispute. However if you need for example a mediator to provide workplace mediation, there would not be any point in choosing a mediator with a commercial mediation qualification.

It is important to note that the mediator needs to have a qualification in the genre of dispute you are seeking to resolve but it does not need to be in that particular subject matter, so a commercial mediator can more than likely mediate any type of commercial dispute.

Success rate, what is the mediators success rate, too many mediators boast impressive success rates, are these really correct, can they substantiate their claims, do they have any mediation testimonials?

For example one of our mediators Harvinder Singh Bhurji has 100 mediation testimonials, leading back to a previous point of a good mediator can mediate anything. Which perhaps raises the question how can you tell if a mediator is any good, well, ask to see testimonials, speak to clients they have mediated for which should back up any claims they make.

Mediation costs, you get what you pay for! You need to question whether the fees are too low or too excessive. A commercial mediation depending on who you go to can cost anything between £600.00 to £6000.00 plus for one days mediation. A workplace mediation can cost anything between £750.00 to £6000.00 plus for one days mediation.

Again mediation services providers and mediators have been known to undercut others to secure mediations, so although you need to pay attention to mediation costs, if all the other factors point towards a mediator is worth appointing, then do not let mediation costs hamper your choice.

Availability can affect selection, last minute the parties agree to mediate, how do you find a mediator at such notice, this may increase the mediation costs, your chosen mediator may not be available?

At Effective Dispute Solutions we consider all of the above and ensure we guide you on choosing the right mediator, giving you the best chance of being able to resolve your dispute.

Whether you select a mediator following our guidance or we appoint you a mediator you can rest assured;

1.The mediator will have an appropriate level of experience all of our mediators have been practicing between five – twenty plus years, thats why we have over two hundred years combined mediation experience.

2.The mediators will be accredited and hold qualifications through one or more of the following Effective Dispute Solutions, CEDR, ADR Group, Academy of Experts, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, ADR Chambers or Clerksroom.

3.The mediator will have appropriate specialist knowledge or mediation experience which is equivalent to having specialist knowledge.

4.We only retain mediators with high success rates and valid testimonials.

5.Mediation costs are competitive but will reflect the mediator you wish to mediate your dispute.

6.We can have a mediator with you within fourteen days; all we need is payment and a summary of the dispute.

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